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With MIA Consulting’s assistance, you may go ahead with business setup in Dubai and take advantage of all the country has to offer while also doing business in a welcoming environment. It is a well-liked option for establishing a company among foreign investors due to the 100% foreign ownership. While starting their company, investors may take advantage of tax breaks, convenience of doing business, and enhanced business infrastructure.

Dubai is the obvious choice due to its excellent lifestyle and growing commercial potential. Investors may register a business in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE using a number of different options. The organization can choose from a variety of business licenses and ventures to suit its particular requirements. By carefully completing the company registration procedure, investors may establish a business in Dubai in the most convenient manner possible.

MIA Consulting provides thorough assistance with business setup in Dubai. Based on their unique business requirements, our expert advisers will help investors register a company in the United Arab Emirates. Three categories—Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore—are used to categorize the jurisdiction for company registration in the United Arab Emirates. The Mainland and Free Zone jurisdictions in Dubai provide a variety of business formation options. Depending on the selected business activity, forming a company in the UAE might be expensive.

The mainland company can now be registered as a wholly foreign-owned company in the UAE. This follows the most recent Cabinet Resolution from 2021. However, the investor must adhere to different limits based on the business activity and industrial sector. 100% foreign ownership is permissible for creating free zones and offshore businesses. Their characteristics, business operations, and governing business legislation, however, vary. At the most competitive costs, the UAE Free Zones provide a wide range of business activities and licensing types.

Steps Involved in Business Setup in Dubai

Business Setup in Dubai

How Can MIA Consulting Help You with Business Setup in Dubai?

A number of procedures must be taken in order for a business to be successfully registered during the process of business setup in Dubai or the UAE. The whole process of registering a business in the UAE will be handled by MIA Consulting. We provide unmatched support up until the investor receives the company documents and beyond. In the process of business setup in Dubai or the UAE, selecting the appropriate tradename is a crucial step. The investor must choose the proper business activity in accordance with their trade license. The corporation is able to do business lawfully depending on the specified business activities.

The proper authorities must be submitted with the application form, supporting documents, investor profile, among other things. The investor must pay the trade licensing fee in order to receive the company paperwork and trade license. They may now open a bank account and submit an investor visa application. For assistance with business setup in Dubai or the UAE, contact MIA Consulting.

Give us the opportunity to represent you and act as your consultant. Receive expert guidance on all facets of business registration and related support services from our professionals. We have experts that are dedicated to meeting the business needs of each investment. For the benefit of the investors, the team will take care of completing all papers, registering the firm, collecting, and delivering. MIA Consulting will next submit supporting papers for the business activity and firm name to be approved. Our advisors will help you with document clearance and business activity approval. One of the most crucial steps to a successful business setup in Dubai is this one.

The company will be remotely registered, and the required documentation and corporate stamps will be obtained. There is no requirement for a physical presence in the UAE for the registration of the business, and investors may submit the paperwork online. Our staff will cooperate with all authorities to complete the business registration quickly and without incident. MIA Consulting will submit applications for both your business’ immigration card and a UAE resident visa. Investors will receive help from our consultants with the resident visa application form. Additionally, our staff helps with the compilation of supporting documents and the management of the visa application procedure with administrative authorities.

The investor must next go to the United Arab Emirates to receive a residency visa stamped on their passport and to undertake a medical check. An in-country medical examination is necessary for the investor to complete the Emirates ID Application. The investor’s application for a UAE resident visa will be started when the Medical Examination is finished and the Emirates ID Application is submitted. The investor’s passport will be delivered as soon as possible once our specialists have taken care of the Visa paperwork, processing, and stamping.

To open business and individual bank accounts, we actively collaborate with UAE banks. Shareholders must be physically present when opening a corporate bank account as part of KYC Compliance. The investor can take a flight to Dubai and get their corporate bank account, medical card, and Emirates ID all at once. Electronic signatures are required simply for verification; physical presence is not required to complete the paperwork for opening a bank account.

Types of Company Setup in Dubai


Numerous sizable international organizations, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, are based on the UAE Mainland. Demand for retail stores, eateries, coffee shops, shopping centers, and other enterprises is high. International brands are looking for a means to reach the UAE mainland. The establishment of a mainland business in Dubai is one of the most sought-after commercial endeavors. In addition to actively pursuing local UAE markets, investors may also actively engage a multi-cultural audience.

There have been significant modifications made to the Mainland Business Setup in Dubai as a result of the Commercial Companies Law revision. A local sponsor or local service provider is no longer required to register a mainland company in the UAE. In several commercial, industrial, and trade sectors, mainland businesses can now be completely owned by foreigners. However, several important businesses, such as those in the energy, banking, and oil and gas sectors, do not permit 100% foreign ownership.

Military operations, security, and other commercial sectors should be included. Additionally, 100% foreign ownership is not permitted in industries related to fishing, such as banks, exchange bureaus, and telephones. Around 122 business operations on a positive business activity list are wholly owned by expatriates. Some business activities have a minimum capital requirement that must be met.


In Dubai, forming a company in a free zone is less complicated than doing so on the mainland. Due to its superior amenities, commercial ecology, and ease of doing business, Dubai Free Zones are favoured. The exemption from VAT is one of the main advantages of establishing a Designated Free Zone Company (Value Added Tax). Additionally, a Free Zone Company has low operational expenses for business owners. All charges for office space, extras, and utilities are paid yearly in advance. Free Zone business setup in Dubai provides access to international standard warehouses, 100% transfer of earnings, exemption from paying audit reports, exemption from paying VAT, and other commercial benefits.

One of the best packages for business setup in Dubai is offered by Dubai Free Zones at a low cost. Investors seeking to establish a presence in the United Arab Emirates can choose from a wide range of business operations in Dubai Free Zones. To learn more about the list of activities and advantageous Free Zones for your Company Setup, speak with our specialists.


An offshore corporation in Dubai is a legitimate business entity established to manage international trade. International Business Companies are the term used in the UAE for offshore companies (IBC). The UAE’s regional commercial laws and legal systems do not apply to them. Additionally, they are free from UAE Customs and VAT. On the other side, offshore businesses are not allowed to conduct business in the UAE market. International trade firms, holding companies, consulting services, real estate investors, and other entities frequently register offshore businesses.

Employees of offshore firms are ineligible to submit a resident visa application. Opening a bank account is possible, but it takes time due to rigorous compliance inspections. Offshore company registration is secure and offers investors a number of benefits. Corporate incentives can take the form of tax advantages, profit transfers, and foreign ownership, among others.

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For starting a business, obtaining an investor visa, and migrating with family, the UAE is a great solution. Clients wishing to start a new business in the region have a lot to choose from in the commercial jurisdictions of the UAE, including the Free Zone and the Mainland. In the Middle East, the UAE tops the list for “Ease of Doing Business.” Foreign investors that want to assist with business setup in Dubai and support their economic development are highly encouraged by the government. The United Arab Emirates offers a wide variety of special trade permissions.

Our expert team of professionals can quickly and effectively register an Indian company in the UAE. Our services may help you realize your ideas since they are devoid of errors and problems. Our experts have been electronically registering businesses and keeping abreast of any recent modifications to the process. We are able to provide you rapid and simple service in India as a consequence. This is your chance to launch your company lawfully over the world. Whether you need assistance with business setup in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, we are here to support you every step of the process.

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