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Auditing Services

MIA is a specialized entity supporting variety businesses . Our Auditing team of the MIA helps clients in preparing the data for audit.

Auditing Services

Auditing team of the MIA helps clients in preparing the data for audit. The team also supports by dealing queries raised by the auditors and help resolving them for successful completion of audit. Following services are provided under this category

Our Other Services

Asset Management & Investment

We offer tailored management and investment services to meet the expectations of our foreign and local investors.

Tax Consultation

We are a one-stop shop for all your tax consultation needs like VAT, Good & Services Tax (GST) and Income tax.

  • Advising on tax planning.
  • Tax registration.
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Annual filings
  • Reconciliation of tax differences
  • Replying to the tax authorities
  • Representing before the tax authorities

Book Keeping Services

Our book keeping team proactively manages the clients’ accounting needs by understanding their businesses.

  • Obtaining the required info hassle free for accounting
  • Feeding accounting data with accuracy & detailed inputs
  • Preparing accounts through techno intensive applications
  • Customized reports suitable for clients’ business needs
  • Generating reports for tax reporting

Company Formation

We help advising clients on suitable options available for setting up the Company in various freezones and as well as the mainland.

  • Advising on company formation matters.
  • Name availability.
  • License approval & Visa approval.
  • Leasing agreements.
  • Bank account opening

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