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Looking for a dynamic and varied environment to start a new company? Saudi Arabia contributes for approximately a quarter of all economic activity in the MENA area and has an astounding 700 billion dollar GDP. All kinds of sectors, from manufacturing and agriculture to medicines and services, are present in that dynamic market. And whether you are a citizen of the GCC or from somewhere else, it’s simple to get established in any of them with the correct help.

Take advantage of our professional support for business setup in Saudi Arabia to avoid mountains of paperwork, we can help you register your corporation at a fair price. For HNIs, expatriates, corporations, entrepreneurs, family offices, and individuals, we create and manage safe and effective corporate and trust structures. Get qualified assistance for business setup in Saudi Arabia. These frameworks are built up and tailored by us to match the unique personal or professional goals of our customers. We guarantee quick and effective business incorporation.

A increasing number of expats live in Saudi Arabia, drawn by the country’s open economy, easy company creation processes, and effective tax structure. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about business setup in Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

Steps to Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

You should schedule a free consultation with MIA Consulting before beginning the process of business setup in Saudi Arabia. Before assisting you with the next step, we will first help you fully comprehend how businesses are set up in the KSA.

#1 – Choose your Industry & Business Structure

You must first briefly describe the field you want to work in and the tasks you want to carry out. This will determine whether it is preferable to establish up in a free economic zone or on Saudi Arabia’s mainland. Additionally, it will determine the kind of license and legal organization you need.

#2 – Setup Business Premises

Starting in 2023, Saudi Arabia won’t provide licenses to international businesses that don’t have a regional headquarters there. In order to establish a branch firm, you must either rent a place of business or cooperate with a local service agent. If you are going for a new business setup in Saudi Arabia, you have two options: lease space on the mainland or sign up for a licensing package in a free economic zone.

#3 – Investment License

An investment license is necessary if you are a foreigner seeking a business setup in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority is the issuer of this (SAGIA). With this in hand, you may make investments in the nation, acquire or found a new business, or open a branch abroad. At this time, you must also submit an application for a business registration certificate with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.

#4 – Additional Documentation

The Ministry of Commerce will then require a few more papers, which MIA Consulting will assist you in obtaining. To get your memorandum of association and your issuance of commercial registration, we’ll communicate with the appropriate organizations. The following papers must be provided, together with the appointment of a General Director, to validate your business setup in Saudi Arabia:

  • Identity and address verification for shareholders and directors
  • Copies of passports for directors and shareholders
  • A certified copy of the trade name
  • Association Memorandum (MOA)
  • Governing documents (AOA)
  • Bank reference communication

A business visa is also required if you want to visit, work, or settle in Saudi Arabia. MIA Consulting can once again oversee this procedure for you.

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To conduct business in the KSA, every company needs a license. While the procedures for business setup in Saudi Arabia are not overly difficult, some previous knowledge is necessary. It’s crucial to make sure that all of your company visa/license applications are flawlessly free of errors. This can be a little stressful, but as we have said throughout this post, working with professionals for business setup in Saudi Arabia is the fastest way to get started.

We at MIA Consulting provide you with the best options for business setup in Saudi Arabia. You receive prompt, trustworthy, and objective assistance about the company setup needs you have. We can guide you through the full procedure from beginning to end and assist you in selecting the appropriate license type for your line of work. You may concentrate on your business while we handle the hassles of company registration in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, partnering with us ensures that you receive the most affordable and cost-effective solution to support the realization of your company idea.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs have received startup assistance from MIA Consulting during the past years. MIA Consulting is your one-stop shop for all business setup needs, including mainland business setup, offshore company setup, free zone company setup, providing trade permits, and any other connected activity for registering a company. You receive a package that is customized to your specific needs thanks to our customer-first philosophy. Make your transition into business ownership simple and quick with help from MIA Consulting.

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