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You may go forward with business setup in UAE with the aid of MIA Consulting and benefit from everything that the nation has to offer while also conducting business in a friendly atmosphere. Due to the 100% foreign ownership, it is a popular choice for forming a corporation among international investors. Investors can benefit from tax benefits, ease of doing business, and improved business infrastructure when they launch their firm.

Due to its wonderful lifestyle and expanding business prospects, UAE is the obvious choice. Investors have a variety of choices for registering a business in the UAE. To meet its specific needs, the organization can select from a range of business licenses and endeavors. Investors may create a business in Dubai in the most convenient way by properly completing the company registration process.

MIA Consulting offers complete support for business setup in UAE. Our knowledgeable consultants will assist investors in setting up a company in the United Arab Emirates based on their particular business needs. The United Arab Emirates divides the jurisdiction for business registration into three categories: Mainland, Free Zones, and Offshore. There are several alternatives for business creation in Dubai’s Mainland and Free Zone jurisdictions. The cost of establishing a business in the UAE may vary depending on the chosen commercial activity.

The mainland firm can now be registered in the UAE as a 100% foreign-owned entity. This is the latest Cabinet Resolution, dating from 2021. Nevertheless, the investor is required to abide by certain restrictions depending on the type of firm and industry. Free zones and offshore companies may be established with 100% foreign ownership. However, there are differences in their traits, how they do business, and the laws that regulate them. The UAE Free Zones provide a wide variety of commercial activities and license kinds at the most affordable prices.

Steps Involved in Business Setup in UAE

Business Setup in UAE

How Can MIA Consulting Help You with Business Setup in UAE?

To successfully register a business during the process of business setup in UAE, a number of steps must be followed. MIA Consulting will manage every step of the business registration procedure in the UAE. Up until the investor receives the business paperwork and beyond, we offer unrivaled service. Choosing the right tradename is an important stage in the process of business setup in UAE. In line with their trade license, the investor must select the appropriate business venture. Depending on the listed business activity, the corporation can operate legally.

Along with the application form, supporting materials, investor profile, and other items, the appropriate authorities must be supplied. To obtain the company documents and trade license, the investor must pay the trade licensing cost. They may now apply for an investor visa and create a bank account. Contact MIA Consulting if you need assistance with business setup in UAE.

Give us the chance to speak for you and serve as your consultant. Get competent advice from our staff on all aspects of business registration and related support services. We have specialists that are committed to addressing the commercial requirements of each investment. The team will handle finishing all paperwork, registering the business, collecting, and delivering for the benefit of the investors. The supporting documents for the business activity and firm name will then be submitted by MIA Consulting for approval. With document clearance and business activity approval, our consultants will assist you, this is one of the most important aspects to successful business setup in UAE.

The relevant paperwork and corporate stamps will be acquired, and the firm will be remotely registered. Investors can register their businesses online without having to have a physical presence in the United Arab Emirates. Our experts will work with all authorities to swiftly and safely accomplish the business registration. MIA Consulting will submit applications for both the UAE resident visa and the immigration card for your company. Our specialists will assist investors with the resident visa application form. Our staff also assists with the administration of the visa application process with administrative authorities and the gathering of supporting documentation.

The investor must next go to the United Arab Emirates to undergo a medical examination and acquire a resident visa stamped in their passport. The investor must have an in-country medical examination before submitting the Emirates ID Application. Once the investor has completed the medical examination and filed the Emirates ID Application, the investor’s application for a resident visa in the UAE will begin. As soon as our professionals have handled the Visa papers, processing, and stamping, the investor’s passport will be given.

We regularly work with UAE banks to open corporate and personal bank accounts. As part of KYC Compliance, shareholders must be physically present while opening a corporate bank account. The investor may book a ticket to Dubai and obtain their Emirates ID, medical card, and corporate bank account all at once. Physical presence is not necessary to complete the paperwork for opening a bank account; electronic signatures are only required for verification.

Types of Company Setup in Dubai


The UAE Mainland is home to a large number of influential multinational organizations as well as small and medium-sized businesses. There is a great need for retail establishments, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, and other businesses. International companies are seeking for a way to get to the mainland of the UAE. One of the most sought-after commercial initiatives in Dubai is the formation of a mainland business. Investors may aggressively engage a multi-cultural audience in addition to actively targeting local UAE markets.

Due to the Commercial Companies Law reform, there have been major changes made to the mainland business setup in UAE. The UAE no longer requires a local sponsor or service provider to register a mainland firm. It is now possible for mainland enterprises to be fully owned by foreigners in a number of the commercial, industrial, and trade sectors. However, a few of significant industries, including those in the banking, oil and gas, and energy sectors, do not allow 100 percent foreign ownership.

Security, military activities, and other business areas ought to be included. Additionally, businesses associated to fishing, such as banks, exchange houses, and telephone companies, are not allowed to have 100% foreign ownership. The majority of the 122 companies on a list of successful commercial ventures are controlled by foreign nationals. There may be a minimal amount of money needed for some company operations.


Creating a business in a free zone in Dubai is simpler than doing it on the main land. Dubai Free Zones are favored because of its better facilities, commercial environment, and ease of conducting business. One of the key benefits of starting a Designated Free Zone Company is the exemption from VAT (Value Added Tax). A Free Zone Company also offers minimal operating costs for business owners. All fees for utilities, extras, and office space are paid annually in advance. Access to international standard warehouses, 100% profits transfer, exemption from paying audit reports, exemption from paying VAT, and other business advantages are all provided by free zone business setup in UAE.

Dubai Free Zones provides one of the greatest packages for business setup in UAE at a reasonable price. In Dubai Free Zones, investors looking to establish a presence in the United Arab Emirates have a variety of business options to select from. Speak with our consultants to discover more about the list of activities and beneficial Free Zones for your Company Setup.


In UAE, an offshore corporation is a genuine company set up to handle global trade. In the UAE, offshore businesses are referred to as “international business firms” (IBC). The regional legal systems and business laws of the UAE do not apply to them. They are also exempt from VAT and UAE Customs. On the other hand, offshore companies aren’t permitted to operate in the UAE market. Offshore enterprises are regularly registered by international trade corporations, holding companies, consultancy firms, real estate speculators, and other organizations.

Employees of offshore companies are ineligible to apply for a residence visa. It is feasible to open a bank account, but it takes time because of stringent compliance checks. Investors may gain from a variety of advantages from offshore business registration, which is safe. Tax benefits, profit transfers, and foreign ownership are a few examples of corporate incentives.

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The UAE is a fantastic option for beginning a business, getting an investor visa, and immigrating with family. The commercial jurisdictions of the UAE, including the Free Zone and the Mainland, provide a wide range of options for clients looking to launch a new business in the area. The UAE is ranked first for “Ease of Doing Business” in the Middle East. The government strongly encourages foreign investors who wish to help with business setup in UAE and promote their economic development. There are several special trade licenses available from the United Arab Emirates.

An Indian corporation may be easily and swiftly registered in the UAE by our experienced team of specialists. Given that our services are free of mistakes and issues, they could assist you achieve your ideas. Our professionals have been electronically registering companies and staying up to date on any new changes to the procedure. As a result, we can provide you quick and straightforward service in India. This is your chance to globally launch your business in a legal manner. We are here to accompany you through every stage of the process, whether you need help with business setup in UAE.

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