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After visiting this sunny nation as visitors and appreciating its ‘all-inclusive’ friendliness, many people begin to explore options for purchasing property in Turkey. A large number of them are seeking for a seaside apartment or villa where they may spend many brief vacations each year. Some individuals’ primary motivation for purchasing a home is permanent residency and the prospect of acquiring Turkish citizenship in the future and others view Turkish real estate as a lucrative investment and want to rent or sale their properties to profit from the price differential.

Turkey provides a vast range of real estate options at fairly affordable pricing. Here, one may discover both inexpensive studio apartments and magnificent penthouses and villas with sea views. The attractive visa policy and simple procedure for acquiring a resident permit are two of the most evident advantages of buying property in Turkey. Citizens of several countries can go to Turkey for tourism purposes without wasting time or money applying for a visa. Moreover, residents may enjoy the nation’s lovely climate and stunning scenery without leaving the country. In addition, property owners can seek for Turkish citizenship and become equal citizens of this magnificent country after only five years.

We are not just a real estate firm, MIA Consulting provides comprehensive solutions that integrate foreign real estate investment, immigration, and legal advice about citizenship. Our team offers complete advisory services to investors seeking to buy property in Turkey. Share your expectations with us and we will provide you with tailored and individualised solutions. Now is the time to schedule a consultation call.

Benefits of Buying Property in Turkey

Buy property in Turkey

How To Buy Property in Turkey

To enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, you do not need a lot of money. Turkey has several cheap housing options for foreigners. For international purchasers, Turkish real estate remains relatively affordable. However, there are a number of things that should be considered before to taking action. Please note that purchasing a property in Turkey does not qualify you for a work or residency permit. To proceed with the property purchase, you must receive your Foreigner Identification Number from the TNP Foreigners’ Department if you do not have a valid residence permit.

According to Turkish legislation, transfers of property in Turkey can take place at the Land Registry Directorates. You may be required to sign both the title deed and the land deed. They can be obtained after obtaining a certificate of occupancy. Obtaining the occupancy certificate is now time-consuming and challenging. Therefore, it is preferable to contact with real estate professionals like MIA Consulting that specialise in arranging houses for international clients.

Follow this step-by-step guidance to ensure a seamless experience with buying property in Turkey. In case of any confusion or questions, please feel free to contact tge advisors at MIA Consulting who can guide you through the whole procedure.

  • Begin with research for buying property in For Turkey, there are hundreds of thousands of houses for sale, as well as hundreds of thousands of real estate brokers. Best option is to contact MIA Consulting.
  • Establish a strong connection with your real estate advisor at MIA Consulting, we can secure you the best available offers.
  • Turkey is the next destination on your agenda. Before making a purchase, you would want to know about the property, the surrounding area, and the community.
  • Additionally, you can embark on a property inspection tour to Turkey to investigate the available properties.
  • Negotiate the purchase price and conditions, then reserve the property and lock in its price.
  • Next, you must appoint a solicitor with a power of attorney and complete the transaction. It’s a time saver.
  • Register your Turkish TAPU card (title deed).

The Turkish real estate industry has experienced significant growth in recent years. Foreign investors were particularly active in 2018 and purchased about 40,000 homes, which is twice as many as in 2017. This upward trend persisted into the next year. The government cut the property price restriction (from $1,000,000 to $250,000) that permits foreigners to get a residence permit, which contributed to the increase in property sales. According to real estate specialists, the best investment opportunities in Turkey are luxury and affordable houses. This country offers a favourable investment atmosphere, expansive economic development prospects, high-quality building, and lower property costs and taxes than other prominent European nations.

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MIA Consulting is a comprehensive investment immigration service provider. We offer comprehensive solutions for Turkish residency and citizenship by investment programmes. MIA Consulting specialises in assisting customers from around the globe with buying property in Turkey and to apply for residence programmes, such as Turkish citizenship and acquisition of property in Turkey. As a team that takes pride in its work, we build our position in the real estate industry on dynamic, inventive, and dependable pillars. In this process, we incorporate new technologies that are continually evolving and employ more effective and efficient methods to do our task.

MIA Consulting supports international investors and real estate owners. With our extensive selection of real estate alternatives, we cater to the preferences and expectations of a variety of buyer types. As a team that takes pride in its work, we build our position in the real estate industry on dynamic, inventive, and dependable pillars. In this process, we incorporate new technologies that are continually evolving and employ more effective and efficient methods to do our task. At MIA Consulting, your contentment is our first concern, thus we will continue to exceed your expectations with our services.

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