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MIA Consulting experts, with their skills and in-depth understanding of VAT registration and a good track record, can resolve any VAT-related challenges. We are equipped to provide you with expert consultants for VAT in Dubai, VAT registration, VAT Training, VAT returns, and Tax Laws and Regulations. Since the implementation of VAT in January 2018, companies have sought the services of expert consultants. To comply with the local VAT laws, appropriate or organized VAT implementation has become a compulsion, and VAT consultation in Dubai has become an absolute need.

Our consultants for VAT in Dubai help firms meticulously document their income costs and the associated VAT charges. It becomes challenging for tax payers to satisfy tax compliance requirements, but with the assistance of our competent consultants for VAT in Dubai, we give ongoing assistance to tax payers by implementing suitable tax processes and VAT compliance. We examine your company transactions and resolve any tax problems.

Businesses having taxable supplies and imports totaling AED 375,000 or more are required to register for VAT. Businesses having taxable supply and imports between AED 187,500 and 375,000 are permitted to file a voluntary application for VAT. Businesses with taxable supplies and imports of less than AED 187,500, on the other hand, are exempt from filing for VAT registration. The application for VAT registration may be made online, but companies can use the services of efficient consultants for VAT in Dubai, like MIA Consulting, to ensure that the procedure is correctly completed. It should also be mentioned that any name, whether corporation, owner, manager, or authorized person, must be recorded in correct Arabic language as well as English language.

Highlights of VAT Services Offered

Consultants for VAT in Dubai

Services Offered by Our Consultants for VAT in Dubai

VAT Registration
If an individual or group want to set up a business in the United Arab Emirates. They must follow all applicable rules and regulations of the land. However, many businesses are unsure if they must register for VAT when forming a new company. If the company’s turnover is less than AED 187 500, the response is “No.” The FTA denies their VAT registration application and does not provide them a tax registration number. This is only required for start-ups who fulfill the VAT qualifying conditions.

VAT Deregistration
In the UAE, VAT deregistration refers to the procedure by which a VAT registered firm can have their Tax Registration Number (TRN) revoked with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The VAT Regulations in UAE include specific regulations relating to the situations under which a VAT registered person is required to De-register from VAT, as well as additional processes for Mandatory/Voluntary Deregistration from VAT in UAE.

MIA Consulting’s consultants for VAT in Dubai will help you avoid the administrative penalty of AED 10,000/- for failing to follow the deregistration processes and guarantee a smooth process for settling your VAT liabilities in the UAE. As a result, the requirements of the Law are critical in ensuring that companies avoid needless penalty costs. Deregistration may be very beneficial to a firm since it ensures that there are no problems throughout the liquidation process or afterwards.

VAT Return Filing
We assist clients in completing the VAT return form 201. We provide the essential assistance to reconcile input and output VAT. Our services assure the calculation of tax due and the compliance of information with VAT legislation and other laws.

VAT Advisory Services
We provide effective advisory services in accordance with industry demands and provide appropriate solutions. Our consultants will walk you through the tax liability of different types of transactions.

VAT Training
We are one of the leading consultants for VAT in Dubai, offering specialized and tailored VAT laws and regulations training to people and corporations. Our tax professionals manage all VAT processes and make them simple for our clients.

VAT Transaction Advisory
Our VAT transaction services advise your company on specific sector transactions. It’s an excellent choice for businesses with complicated transactions, branches, and goods. Our VAT consultation services in Dubai are up to date on the latest VAT laws.

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As prominent consultants for VAT in Dubai, we provide comprehensive VAT support ranging from advising to reconsideration. We ensure minimal company disruption by providing total linguistic assistance, whether your VAT is simple or sophisticated. As a customer-focused firm, our VAT specialists handle all accounting and compliance issues. This allows business owners to concentrate on their primary activities and other forms of business marketing. As one of best VAT consultants in Dubai, we guarantee a smooth VAT procedure from VAT registration to any compliance difficulties. We streamline the process by lowering risk, calculating profit margins, and handling all other aspects of VAT services.

MIA Consulting offers top consultants for VAT in Dubai for those looking for experienced VAT advisory. Our certified personnel are well-versed in the rules and procedures governing VAT legislation. We employ the best tools to automate and make visible your VAT compliance procedure. Join the top consultants for VAT and achieve ease of work while maintaining strong professionalism!

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Our expert consultants for VAT in Dubai are available round the clock to answer all your questions related to VAT in Dubai, give us a call at +91 81216 69473, we are also available on WhatsApp.¬†Alternatively, please feel free to fill in the enquiry form on our website’s CONTACT US page, and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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