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MIA Consulting professionals, with their talents and in-depth understanding of VAT registration, can address any VAT-related issues. We have specialist consultants for VAT in UAE, VAT registration, VAT training, VAT returns, and Tax Laws and Regulations. Companies have sought the services of specialist experts since the adoption of VAT in January 2018. To comply with local VAT legislation, proper or coordinated VAT implementation has become a need, and VAT consultancy in Dubai has become a must.

Our consultants for VAT in UAE assist businesses in properly documenting their income costs and corresponding VAT levies. It might be difficult for tax payers to meet tax compliance standards, but with the help of our knowledgeable consultants for VAT in UAE, we provide continuing assistance to tax payers by adopting appropriate tax processes and VAT compliance. We investigate your business dealings and address any tax issues.

VAT registration is necessary for businesses with taxable supplies and imports of AED 375,000 or more. Businesses with taxable supplies and imports of AED 187,500 to 375,000 are eligible to file a voluntary VAT application. Businesses with taxable supplies and imports of less than AED 187,500, on the other hand, are not required to register for VAT. The application for VAT registration may be done online, but businesses can employ the services of efficient consultants for VAT in UAE, such as MIA Consulting, to guarantee that the procedure is completed correctly. It should also be noted that any name, whether corporate, owner, manager, or authorized person, must be recorded in both Arabic and English.

Highlights of VAT Services Offered

Consultants for VAT in UAE

Services Offered by Our Consultants for VAT in UAE

VAT Registration
If a person or group wishes to establish a business in the UAE. They must abide by all applicable laws and regulations. Many firms, however, are confused if they must register for VAT when starting a new company. If the company’s annual revenue is less than AED 187 500, the answer is “No.” The FTA rejects their VAT registration application and refuses to provide them a tax identification number. This is only necessary for new businesses that meet the VAT qualifying standards.

VAT Deregistration
VAT deregistration in the UAE refers to the process by which a VAT-registered company can have their Tax Registration Number (TRN) removed with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The UAE VAT Provisions include particular regulations pertaining to instances in which a VAT registered person is obliged to De-register from VAT, as well as extra steps for Mandatory/Voluntary Deregistration from VAT in UAE.

MIA Consulting’s consultants for VAT in UAE will assist you in avoiding an administrative penalty of AED 10,000/- for failing to follow the deregistration formalities and will ensure a seamless process for resolving your VAT liabilities in the UAE. As a result, the Law’s provisions are crucial in ensuring that firms avoid unnecessary penalty costs. Deregistration may be highly useful to a company since it assures that there are no complications during or after the liquidation process.

VAT Return Filing
We help clients fill out the VAT return form 201. We give critical support in reconciling input and output VAT. Our services provide accurate tax computation and information compliance with VAT and other requirements.

VAT Advisory Services
In accordance with industry expectations, we deliver effective advisory services and appropriate solutions. Our tax specialists will lead you through the tax implications of various sorts of transactions.

VAT Training
We are one of the leading consultants for VAT in UAE, providing people and organizations with specialized and customised VAT laws and regulations training. Our tax specialists oversee all VAT operations and make them as simple as possible for our clients.

VAT Transaction Advisory
Our VAT transaction services provide assistance to your business on specific industry transactions. It’s a wonderful solution for companies with complex transactions, branches, and products. Our VAT consulting services in UAE are up to date on the most recent VAT legislation.

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As leading consultants for VAT in UAE, we offer full VAT assistance ranging from advice to reconsideration. We ensure minimal business disruption by offering complete multilingual help, whether your VAT is simple or complex. Our VAT professionals manage all accounting and compliance difficulties as a customer-focused organization. This permits business owners to focus on their core competencies and other kinds of business promotion. We ensure a seamless VAT procedure from VAT registration to any compliance issues as one of the leading consultants for VAT in UAE. We reduce risk, calculate profit margins, and handle all other parts of VAT services to speed the process.

MIA Consulting provides top consultants for VAT in UAE to customers seeking skilled VAT advice. Our qualified staff is well-versed in the regulations and procedures that govern VAT legislation. We use the best tools to automate and visualize your VAT compliance process. Join the best VAT consultants and obtain ease of work while retaining a high level of professionalism!

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Our expert consultants for VAT in UAE are available to answer all your questions related to VAT in UAE, give us a call at +91 81216 69473, you can also find us on  WhatsApp. Alternatively, please feel submit the inquiry form on our site’s CONTACT US page, and one of our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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