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The Middle East and North Africa’s largest free-market economy, Saudi Arabia, is recognised for its enormous oil industry and contributes around 28% of the GDP of all Arab nations. Due to their position, they have simple access to a number of export markets, including those in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Domestic consumption, driven by a youthful, wealthy population, is steadily and progressively increasing local demand and accelerating the rate of freezone company formation in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has developed two different kinds of free zones to promote foreign investment in commercial and industrial activities. Economic free zones were created to assist vital economic activities including agriculture, healthcare, education, logistics, science and research, etc., whereas industrial free zones largely serve the manufacturing sector. The 1980s saw the establishment of the industrial cities, which eventually developed into significant economic hubs. Around the turn of the century, economic cities were established, and they are still being developed today. 100% foreign ownership is permitted in both the industrial and economic free zones, which also offer tax benefits and low tax rates.

The necessity to diversify the nation’s economy and lessen its reliance on oil and gas by utilising non-oil resources was emphasised in the development plan for free zones. The Saudi Industrial Property Authority oversees and manages 28 industrial cities in Saudi Arabia that provide easy access to loans up to 75% of the capital, extended repayment periods of up to 20 years, and affordable land lease options. These cities also offer custom duty exemption on raw materials and equipment. All of these elements together have attracted investors from all over the world to take advantage from freezone company registration in Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of Freezone Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

Freezone company formation in Saudi Arabia

Why Freezone Company Formation in Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing a change and working to diversify its economy in order to reduce its historical reliance on the export of fossil fuels. The creation of free zones and luring foreign investors for freezone company formation in Saudi Arabia are merely a few elements of the nation’s economic plan, which also includes the growth of tourism, new cities, sports, increased employment, and more effective government.

Saudi Arabia’s free zones may appeal to multinational companies with operations in several nations for a number of reasons. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the largest population in the GCC with approximately 35 million residents. International companies who enter this market will have free access to the vast economy of the nation and won’t be subject to any additional import taxes.

Another aspect is access to government contracts; Saudi Arabia plans to change the rules so that only businesses located in Saudi Arabia may get government contracts. Currently, many businesses that supply services to the Saudi government are based abroad. As a result, businesses that work on Saudi government contracts may find moving to Saudi Arabia more alluring thanks to the free zones.

Moving to Saudi Arabia and creating a free zone may be advantageous for multinational firms that do not already have a presence in the Middle East or the GCC. The possibility of freezone company formation in Saudi Arabia is a particularly alluring incentive for multinational firms contemplating migration since Saudi Arabia is one of the region’s major powers and has clear intentions to diversify its economy.

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If you believe that your business might benefit from freezone company formation in Saudi Arabia, you must make sure that you fulfil all requirements for your application, including carrying out the required activities. When establishing a business in the ILBZ, it might be beneficial to work with a business partner like MIA Consulting who is aware of the regulations and can help you determine if Saudi free zones are appropriate for your firm. We can help you with every step of the process, from company formation to post-launch business support, of freezone company formation in Saudi Arabia.

MIA Consulting has the knowledge and expertise to guide clients toward the best business model while taking into account regional regulations and specific client requirements. We have worked with a wide range of industries and regions all around the world. We comprehend the value of money and the legal framework required to operate a firm. We may offer advice on other business issues as well as the amount of foreign shareholding that is allowed, the rights attached to that percentage, and other factors. MIA Consulting is more accustomed to working with customers and is more knowledgeable about Saudi Arabia’s laws and customs.

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