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How Simple Is It to Open a Company in Dubai & Make Investments from India?

Dubai is without any doubt a most sought-after destination by citizens of several countries who have already made their homes and are thriving in their respective fields of business and expertise. A large part of this credit goes to the business-friendly policies of the Dubai Government coupled with the guaranteed peace and security for the residents. Residents of Dubai generally enjoy a high standard of living, good earnings, and impeccable security of life and property. One of the key reforms in recent days has been to offer 10-year Golden visas to foreign citizens who can fulfill the visa conditions which can be either linked to their professional expertise or pooling investments into Dubai.

However, another category of citizens can also choose to obtain a long-term residency through multiple options. One such option is to set up a company and secure a visa for the partners of the company. The Company can invest in a variety of investment avenues available in Dubai and more prominent among them is real estate. Dubai and UAE in general have several free zones where one can open a company hassle-free with minimum costs. However, if one chooses to open a company on the mainland (other than freezone), the process is fairly supportive and one can open a company comfortably and start doing business.

Investments from India to Dubai can also be done without any hurdles as the same is fully permissible up to a certain limit as per Indian laws. In conclusion, any person in India intending to invest in Dubai can do so without any hurdles as the same is fully facilitated by both the Dubai Government and the friendly Indian laws.

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