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The UAE is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula, primarily along the coast of the Persian Gulf. The nation exists as a federation of seven different emirates. Dubai, which has evolved as a corporate gateway and global city, is the most populous city in the UAE. It is also a bustling metropolis and a famous tourist destination. The first indoor ski slope in the Middle East can be found in Dubai, along with several of the world’s most famous hotels and a number of restaurants rated five stars. The abundant oil and natural gas reserves of the country are the primary contributors to its prosperous economy, which ranks among the best in the world.

Investors from all over the world pick Dubai as the location where they would establish their home and the headquarters of their company. Dubai has been positioned as the business, financial, and commercial centre of the area as a result of the excellent business conditions in one of the world’s fastest expanding economies attracting huge investment in Dubai. All this has been facilitated by market friendly government policies that have been in place for decades.

Dubai is a destination that is sought after by visitors, businesspeople, and investors alike because it is an exciting, multiethnic, and diversified sanctuary that offers exceptional commercial prospects while still retaining a satisfying way of life. The government welcomes and nurtures foreign investment in Dubai by creating a one-of-a-kind visa programme that is driven by investors’ desire to lawfully stay in the UAE. This programme enables investors to construct a secure future not just for themselves but also for their families and their companies.

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Investment in Dubai

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Transferring money is the most important part of investment in Dubai or anywhere else. MIA Consulting is prepared to advise you on methods that are both secure and compliant with the law when it comes to the transfer of monies. It is essential to be aware that the country from which funds are moved to another country is the one that imposes the regulations on the process of transferring money to another country. The criminal provisions pertaining to the transfer of the funds are strict, and the government keeps a careful eye on them as well. Because of this, it is essential that the individual responsible for the transfer of the money abides by the policies, laws, and protocols that regulate the transfer.

You may have observed in recent times that there is a rising trend toward people in the UAE learning how to buy stocks. The primary reason is easy to understand: even in this day and age, stocks continue to be one of the most profitable financial instruments available. For instance, during the course of the previous five years, the S&P 500 Index, which monitors the performance of the top 500 stocks in the United States, saw its value increase by 106.80%, which corresponds to an annualised return of 21.36%. In instance, the United Arab Emirates offers savings accounts with the best annualised return of 1.75 percent, while a 50-year treasury bond offers a yield of 2.70 percent.

Surprisingly, a large number of investors in the region continue to believe that real estate is the superior investment. However, the maximum gross yield available in the real estate market is just 8.32 percent! When it comes to making choices on investment in Dubai, it’s important to take into account everything else that’s at play. It should come as no surprise that new investors are becoming increasingly interested in finding ways to invest in equities and commodities in the UAE given that the profitability is superior than that of savings accounts, bonds, etc.

MIA Consulting offers comprehensive services for advising clients on opportunities available for investment in Dubai. These include methods for transferring money from an Indian account to a Dubai account, presenting potential investment opportunities in stocks and commodities, managing these investments, delivering regular updates to clients, assisting with exiting investments, and sending money back to India.

With an ever-increasing population and thousands migrating to Dubai each year to advance their careers in a secure, cosmopolitan, and global commercial hub, it is difficult to overlook the fact that real estate is one of the prime source of attracting investment in Dubai. Since the long-awaited foreign property ownership decree was issued in 2002, allowing non-UAE residents to purchase property in Dubai, Dubai has seen a massive boom in construction that has attracted international investors to the city’s property market. Today, several investment options are available for those interested, both for ready-to-move-in apartments and long-term investments.

One of MIA Consulting’s primary objectives for any investment in Dubai is to maximise the return on investment while assuring the safety of the invested capital.

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We can assist you with investment in Dubai that are both profitable and secure. In addition to the equity & commodities industry and the real estate sector, there are a number of other industries with significant growth rates. These industries include energy, automobile, retail, financial services, etc. There are sector-focused teams at MIA Consulting that will advise investors of the merits and pitfalls of certain areas. These teams have in-depth knowledge and skill in their respective areas, enabling investors to maximise profits while preserving capital.

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