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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strives to present itself as the premier investment option in the world. As the government continues to adopt reforms and laws to attract physical talent and investments to Saudi Arabia, the country is becoming a destination of choice, especially for companies. The ruler unveiled and inaugurated Saudi Vision 2030 in 2016, a revolutionary economic and social reform programme. The National Transformation Program is over halfway through its five-year objectives. It is effectively implementing social and economic reforms that are visibly reshaping the kingdom attracting huge investment in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is focused to its economy and prosperity. It aspires to be an attractive and stimulating investment destination for continuation and expansion, so an investment ministry has assigned one of its most important responsibilities to enabling investors to access opportunities for investment in Saudi Arabia and providing them with facilities, flexibility, and other services. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia climbed 29 positions in the World Bank’s “Doing Business 2020” report. In addition to implementing over 555 improvements to better serve investors, the time necessary to start a firm has been reduced from 15 days to only 30 minutes. Additionally, the United Kingdom boosted the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2020 to over 626 thousand.

Post-COVID, travel to and from Saudi Arabia is virtually open, and aviation connection is expanding. The most recent development is the introduction of nonstop flights between Dubai and NEOM. Every major business area, including construction, engineering, energy, hospitality, manufacturing, entertainment, and professional consulting services, is profiting from the growing potential in the kingdom. There are various channels available like company setup in Saudi, investment in equities & commodities, investment in real estate, etc., and MIA Consulting is equipped to guide you with every aspect of investment in Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of Investment in Saudi Arabia

Investment in Saudi Arabia

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There are a variety of business types available to foreign companies in the United Kingdom, including Subsidiary Company, Branch Office, Joint Stock Company, and Technical and Scientific Services Office, each with its own benefits, requirements, and scope of business activities and registration requirements. MIA Consulting has provided starting help to hundreds of businesses over the past few years. We are a one-stop-shop for all business setup requirements, including mainland business setup, offshore company setup, free zone company formation, obtaining trade permits, and any other related company registration activity. Due to our customer-first mentality, you obtain a package that is tailored to your individual requirements.

The most frequent kind of business entity established by foreign investors entering the Saudi market is a limited liability company (LLC), which requires a minimum capital investment of around 500,000 Saudi Riyals and can have between two and fifty shareholders. Foreign enterprises may register a wholly foreign-owned Saudi branch office in the nation if they get the necessary authorization from the appropriate authorities. Branch offices are permitted to engage in commercial activity within the limits of their license and are required to spend a minimum of 500,000 Riyals in capital.

A recent survey found that the number of investors in Saudi Arabia who believe that investing in equities and commodities is a secure proposition is far higher than in any other market studied. This proportion is as high as 80 percent. In keeping with the fact that Saudi investors perceive them as safe, 62 percent of investors are now invested in commodities, which is more than the percentage of investors involved in commodities in any other country that was included in the worldwide study. The findings also suggest that 66% of Saudi investors believe that stocks are secure, making them a more desirable choice for investment in Saudi Arabia.

Our staff consists of highly skilled and devoted individuals with expertise in both stocks and commodities. This group contains of  professionals that can help with investment in Saudi Arabia as well as other GCC countries. With MIA Consulting’s guidance, your path to investment in Saudi Arabia will be optimized and productive.

The Saudi Arabian real estate market has become increasingly attractive to both international and domestic investors in recent years. As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s continues progress in this area, it is crucial that investors understand where the best investment possibilities are so that they may begin to take advantage of them. The real estate market in the GCC has seen significant changes over the past year as it begins to recover from the effects of the recent epidemic. Gradually, normalcy is returning to the GCC as immunisation rates rise and limitations on freedoms and travel are quickly lifted.

There have been a number of recent launches of mega-projects in the real estate sector that are expected to revitalise the market. Corporate and public sectors have seen large-scale investment in Saudi Arabia resulting in projects like Neom and Qiddiya. Residential construction is still one of the region’s most important industries, and builders are straining to keep up with demand. The Saudi Arabian real estate market is a lucrative one, producing high returns for investors. But only if it is meticulously approached by real estate experts like those at MIA Consulting.

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Investment in Saudi Arabia can be a lucrative and secure venture with our help. The equities and commodities industry and the real estate market aren’t the only ones flourishing, though. Energy, automobiles, retail, and finance are just few of the industries in this category. With dedicated teams in several industries, MIA Consulting is able to provide investors with guidance on the potential rewards and dangers of various geographical areas. These groups are extremely well-versed in their industries, guaranteeing high returns for investors while keeping their money safe.

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