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There has never been a better time for formation of a mainland company in UAE. Investors and the start-up community in the area like the Mainland License due to the UAE government’s new business regulations, adaptable regulatory systems, quick turnaround times, and straightforward approval procedures. Due to the new FDI regulations, foreign nationals are now permitted to own 100% of onshore companies without the need for a local sponsor. In order to register a business in Dubai, a physical office is not required. The knowledgeable personnel at MIA Consulting will also make the sometimes complicated process of opening a bank account simpler.

A mainland company in UAE is an onshore business that has been given permission to conduct business both inside and outside of the United Arab Emirates by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the appropriate emirate. Since it provides the most benefits for business development in the country, Mainland is the most popular and sensible alternative for company creation in Dubai. But there are regulations that must be adhered to throughout the process, one of which is that a UAE resident must own at least 51% of the shares in any commercial enterprise, with the following exceptions:

  • Activities in business that allow 100% foreign ownership
  • Businesses in free zones
  • Partnerships between GCC companies and UAE citizens
  • Businesses that permit 100% local ownership

When an individual or group of individuals offer their specialized service, and the firm is 100% owned by the expat, a professional license is required. One may require a local partner (Commercial and Industrial license) or a local service agent, depending on the kind of license. The local Service agent acts as a representation in administrative relations with governmental bodies. Instead of holding stock in the corporation, the local service agent is paid annually for their services.

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Mainland company in UAE

Benefits of Mainland Company in UAE

The establishment of a mainland company in UAE offers many benefits. Your professional and economic pursuits are guaranteed to be successful if you establish a mainland corporation. Mainland-based businesses provide a broad spectrum of trade, 100% ownership, and location independence. These are a some of the justifications offered by entrepreneurs seeking to launch a mainland company in UAE.

Flexibility in Location & No Trade Restrictions
A company operating on the Dubai mainland is neither restricted by geography or prohibited from doing business with other businesses. Anywhere in the UAE, firms on the mainland are allowed to deal with clients or work for the government. Thanks to mainland company formation, businesses may open several branches and create a substantial presence throughout the Emirates.

Broad Working Scope
Projects can be undertaken by mainland businesses as well. When you want to expand your offerings on the mainland, just re-register the new business activity with the DED, and you’re good to go.

Access to Lucrative Government Contracts
For enterprises from the mainland opening offices in Dubai, government bids are a significant source of income. AED 17.5 billion (USD 4.76 billion) in government projects, including AED 4 billion for infrastructure, were recently approved by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council. AED 1.2 billion was spent on government and social institution upgrades, while AED 2 billion was allocated for education. As a reputable mainland company in UAE, you’ll be well-positioned to profit from such big government contracts.

Full Control & Ownership
In the past, a UAE corporate firm could only have 100% foreign ownership in one of two circumstances: when it was established in a no-fly zone or when it began offering professional services on the mainland.

This has been a welcome change for potential international investors looking to conduct business in the UAE. This is excellent news for international investors that are new to the UAE. Businesses with 100% foreign ownership are free to go to work straight away without searching for an Emirati company or partner. With 100% foreign ownership of a mainland company in UAE, international investors have a significant opportunity to contribute to the growth-machine economy of the United Arab Emirates. Some essential businesses, like the oil and gas sector, however continue to require a local partner.

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The whole spectrum of procedures needed to set up a mainland company in UAE is covered by our services, and at MIA Consulting, we offer the finest advantages and expedite your procedure. From business creation and license acquisition through contract drafting, notarization of documents, and aid with setting up a mainland company in UAE, we support you at every stage of the process. Thanks to our links with ministries and other governmental organizations around the UAE, we can promptly get government approvals for our clients. Our advisors collaborate closely with the Department of Economic Development (DED) and other governmental agencies in Dubai to ensure the speedy and simple formation of your mainland firm.

Starting a mainland company in UAE is easy and hassle-free. This is especially true when working with a reputable and capable business development firm like MIA Consulting. MIA Consulting specialists will assist you with the formation procedure, handling every aspect of it as it happens. Please feel free to stop by our office in India or contact our team if you have any questions on how to set up a mainland company in UAE.

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