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Migration to Bahrain was a distant dream for many of us, but not anymore. Bahrain is the second Gulf nation, after UAE, to allow foreigners to live there permanently. The cost of a Golden Resident Visa, which grants instant residency privileges and costs 300 dinars, is applicable to individuals who satisfy the eligibility conditions. According to the notification, a Golden Residency Visa is applicable to four categories of persons and one who possesses this visa must stay in Bahrain for at least 90 days in a year.

The only persons eligible for migration to Bahrain through golden residence are those who are skilled, own a home worth 200,000 Bahraini dinars, or get a monthly pension of 4,000 dinars. Those who work in Bahrain and earn at least 2,000 dinars per month are also eligible. Those having golden residence visa are permitted to work in Bahrain and bring in their family, including their wife, children, parents, and grandkids. All nationalities will have equal access to the golden residence program. It is still possible to obtain a 10-year residence as long as you own a property worth more than 70,000 dinars, but it does not come with the same benefits as a golden residency.

Benefits of Migration to Bahrain

Migration to Bahrain

Migration to Bahrain - A Dream Come True!

All nationalities are eligible for migration to Bahrain through a five-year residency visa for investors, and they only need to follow the regular administrative procedures in addition to anti-money laundering procedures and provide evidence of the origin of the funds they are in possession of. This is because Bahrain is committed to anti-money laundering practices. The visa application is available online, and as soon as the information on the purchase of the dwelling unit is confirmed, the applicant will immediately obtain approval. After allowing for golden residence and simplifying the home application process, Bahraini real estate transactions will rise by at least 25% in the upcoming term.

It was decided many years ago that only freehold regions would be permitted for non-Bahrainis to own real estate for the purpose of migration to Bahrain. There will now be more lands accessible for freehold ownership thanks to the new developments Bahrain will shortly begin building, which will boost the available areas by more over 60%.

Bahrain also has a number of regulations that protect real estate buyers’ rights in the case that a property is bought from developers before the housing unit is finished, a practice known as a “off-plan purchase.” These rules are very significant for investors aiming for migration to Bahrain. Offering the new visas is a crucial step that seeks to bring in at least $1 billion in investment over the first year. This backs initiatives to expand investments and diversify Bahrain’s economy, a step that many have been waiting for for a very long time.

It is more appealing to people looking for migration to Bahrain since its cost of living is 30% cheaper than that of the other Gulf countries. The value-added tax, which was increased on January 1 but is still only 10%, is another factor. Bahrain has an edge over the rest of the area since starting and maintaining a business there is around 50% less expensive than in the rest of the region, particularly the Gulf, whether it be in terms of rent, employee pay, government fees for creating firms, or other expenditures.

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MIA Consulting can assist you with all the steps related to migration to Bahrain from property acquisition to company registration for those whole want to start their business in Bahrain. We build enduring connections that enable us to offer individualized, precise, and sympathetic guidance on every facet of real estate purchase. We think that personal contact is essential to matching each client with the residential or business property that best meets their needs.

MIA Consulting’s experts are your best option that can fulfill your dream of migration to Bahrain. In order to finally assist you in your quest for immigration to Bahrain, we can aid you with the registration of your business and the acquisition of property. Get in touch with our reliable team of experts at MIA Consulting, we are the leading service provider for migration to Bahrain, it’s the right time to bring your dreams to life.

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