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The largest economy in the Middle East is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), whose main source of income has historically been oil production. And it belongs to the group of 20 (G20) Arab nations. With roughly 16% of the world’s oil reserves and 5% of its natural gas reserves, it is predominantly an oil-based economy and the top exporter of petroleum. Many investors and business owners from all over the globe are contemplating migration to Saudi Arabia as a result of the government of Saudi Arabia taking a number of business-friendly social and economic measures to attract foreign investment throughout the years.

On the other hand, the Vision 2030 plan contained a number of fresh initiatives targeted at diversifying the Saudi economy. A wide range of political, economic, and foreign investment sectors are affected by the extensive reforms proposed in the plan. The Saudi government has carried out a number of reforms to lessen its reliance on oil exports, including measures to increase foreign investment, empower women, create more jobs and social opportunities, and increase the role of the private sector and MSMEs in the economy. Migration to Saudi Arabia is now considerably simpler because to recent reforms in economic policy, which have also increased the country’s economic diversity.

Our consultants at MIA Consulting have a wealth of knowledge in all laws and regulations in place in Saudi Arabia. We provide a variety of services, including advisory on migration to Saudi Arabia. Throughout the whole planning and execution of the immigration procedure, our experts can help clients. Your ideal on-the-ground partner for this trip is MIA Consulting, which provides end-to-end service delivery.

Benefits of Migration to Saudi Arabia

Migration to Saudi Arabia

Migration to Saudi Arabia - The Options

A person can move forward with migration to Saudi Arabia in one of three ways: by registering a company, by investing in real estate, or through Special Iqama Scheme. MIA Consulting can provide its expertise in business registration to help you with your application for a resident visa. Foreign businessmen that invest a significant amount of money in the city have access to this option. The Saudi resident visa is issued for 3 years and is extendable.

Throughout the years, MIA Consulting has assisted many entrepreneurs with their initial efforts. MIA Consulting is your one-stop shop for all business setup needs, such as mainland business setup, offshore company setup, free zone company establishment, providing trade licenses, and any other connected activity for starting a firm. We can provide you a plan that is customized to your specific needs according to our customer-first philosophy. You may quickly and easily shift into business ownership with the help of MIA Consulting.

The second alternative is to invest in real estate; the Saudi Arabian government approved a law that allows migration to Saudi Arabia through the purchase of real estate. Once the candidate has relocated after purchase of property, he can then sponsor additional family members who wish to do the same. By finding you the best real estate bargain that fits your needs and budget, MIA Consulting can serve as a reliable adviser and help you obtain the most value for your hard-earned money.

The introduction of a residency program for eligible migration to Saudi Arabia, foreign expatriates who invest in real estate, provide jobs, and engage in research and innovation has been approved by the Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia. Regardless of nationality, the Special Privilege Iqama will be given to anyone with connections to the Kingdom. SAR 800,000 will be required for the one-time permanent permit, and SAR 100,000 will be required for the one-year temporary residency.

A Unique Privilege Iqama has the power to oversee everything and make judgments that must be implemented within 90 days. With a residency permit, expatriates will be allowed migration to Saudi Arabia and enjoy extra benefits including family visas and the right to buy property there. Through this new program, individuals from all over the world will be encouraged and given the opportunity to pick Saudi Arabia as a long-term venue for their investments, employment, and life-building, contributing to the Kingdom’s continued economic progress.

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MIA Consulting can assist you with business registration and property acquisition to facilitate seamless migration to Saudi Arabia. We establish enduring relationships that allow us to provide customized, accurate, and compassionate advice on every aspect of Saudi real estate acquisition. To match each client with the residential or commercial property that best suits their needs, we believe that personal engagement is crucial.

The best option is the team of business formation specialists at MIA Consulting. Your company’s needs will determine which jurisdiction is appropriate for you, according to our experts. We’ll assist you in registering your business so that we can eventually help with your quest for migration to Saudi Arabia. Make contact with MIA Consulting, the leading provider of services for the establishment of businesses and the purchase of property in Saudi Arabia.

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