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While adopting innovation and technology at a breakneck rate, the UAE is keen about retaining tradition. Some of the largest worldwide firms and work opportunities are concentrated in the UAE, which has a sizable expat community. There is a department devoted to residence and citizenship in each of the UAE’s Emirates. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs is another name for the organization in charge of immigration and visas. The majority of persons who already reside in the UAE are foreign nationals with residence permits. As a result, a lot of individuals are looking for ways for migration to UAE.

As residence permits are only good for a short time, they should be renewed yearly or every two to three years. All visa applications will be handled by the workers’ employers because the majority of immigrants come to the UAE in search of job. On the other hand, MIA Consulting’s advisers in Dubai will assist someone with every stage of the migration procedure if they wish to establish a firm and buy real estate for migration to UAE.

The list of reasons for migration to UAE are infinite, to name a few modern infrastructure, communications, security, exposure to various cultures, educational systems, tax-free living, and a varied workforce. And to top it all off, due to Dubai’s wide range of commercial marketplaces and business regulations, overseas companies and investors have expressed interest in setting up shop there.

Benefits of Migration to UAE

Migration to UAE

Migration to UAE - Business Registration or Investment in Real Estate

MIA Consulting can provide its experience in UAE business creation to assist you in obtaining an investment visa. The Dubai investor visa provides for migration to UAE and is available to foreign businessmen who make a sizable investment in the city. The UAE investment visa is valid for three years. Similar to the investment visa, the partner business visa offers residency based on the amount of shares a partner has in a UAE company. People who conduct business with companies headquartered in the UAE are entitled to apply for multiple-entry visas, which let them go there as often as necessary.

The residency by investment plan, which permits migration to UAE by purchasing real estate there, was authorized by the Dubai government not very long ago. One million AED must be invested in real estate, which is the price of a property bought under this scheme, in order to be eligible for residency. It’s also crucial to remember that, in addition to the real estate investment, the applicant must show proof of a monthly income of 10,000 AED. The candidate can then sponsor other family members who want to relocate to Dubai once they’ve already done so. Another situation where MIA Consulting may act as a trustworthy advisor and help you every step of the way is in this one.

As was already noted, there are instances where an immigrant to UAE requires a sponsor. An onshore corporation must have a local partner who is based in UAE in order to be established. If family members relocate to UAE, the current members will serve as sponsors. It is important to note that female sponsors are not accepted. MIA Consulting’s company registration experts in UAE can provide further details on the sponsorship requirements that apply for migration to UAE.

A particular amount of paperwork must be completed and filed, depending on the kind of visa the foreign citizen desires to immigrate to the UAE. When submitting an application for immigration to the UAE, the following documents is often required:

  • A current passport
  • Recent photographs
  • Evidence of the ability to sustain oneself financially
  • Evidence of accommodation
  • Employment offer letter (in the case of employment visas)
  • The bought property’s deed or title (required under the residence by investment program)
  • Details on the sponsor (where required)

The knowledgeable experts at MIA Consulting can provide advice on all the papers required for migration to UAE.

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To enable a smooth migration to UAE, MIA Consulting can help you with business registration and property purchasing. We build long-lasting connections that enable us to offer individualized, precise, and considerate guidance on all facets of purchasing real estate in UAE. We think that personal involvement is essential to ensuring that each client is matched with the residential or business property that best matches their needs.

The group of experts in business formation at MIA Consulting is the finest choice. Our experts will advise you on the best jurisdiction for your company’s requirements. In order to eventually aid in your question for migration to UAE, we’ll help you register your firm. Make contact with MIA Consulting, the main service provider for business creation and property purchasing in the UAE.

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