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New changes in the UAE Golden Visa rules

New Changes in the UAE Golden Visa rules

Do you own a UAE golden visa valid for 10 years? With the latest additions to the golden visa, you must be aware of some adjustments. Read the blog to learn more about them. In addition to other modifications, the new 10-year visas will go into effect in September 2022.

To attract the world’s greatest talent, the UAE has announced substantial revisions to its Golden Visa programme. In conjunction with other visa reforms, the 10-year visa categories will be expanded beginning next month. Moreover, there is no age restriction on the number of family members or domestic workers that visa holders may sponsor. It is vital to know that the Golden Visa can be used unrestrictedly for up to six months outside the UAE.

The Categories Added to the UAE Golden Visa

New categories have been introduced to the golden visa programme, which include the following:

Real Estate Investors

The Golden Visa is accessible to investors who invest a minimum of Dh2 million. In addition, investors who acquire real estate utilising a mortgage from a local bank are now eligible for the Golden Visa. Investors who acquire homes prior to completion may also qualify.


According to the new laws, startup investors may also qualify for a Golden Visa provided their company is locally founded, qualifies as an SME, and generates at least Dh1 million in annual sales. This is your opportunity to develop your ambitions and begin your business journey immediately. Dubai is known as a centre for entrepreneurs.

Exceptional Individuals

This category would benefit several talented immigrants desiring to settle in the UAE. This category is open to talented persons in the disciplines of art, culture, digital technology, athletics, innovation, medicine, and law, among others. It is essential to emphasize that the 10-year visa is issued only on the basis of expertise. Therefore, it relies on the professional level, work environment, monthly salary, or educational background of the applicant. Additionally, it requires the support or approval of a national or regional governing authority.


This visa is available to scientists and researchers with PhDs or Masters degrees in engineering, technology, life sciences, or natural sciences from the finest universities around the globe. This individual should receive assistance from the Emirates Scientists Council.

Workers with Competence

Applicants must be lawfully employed in the United Arab Emirates and have a level one or level two profession, as defined by the Ministry of Human Resources Emiratisation. The minimum monthly payment requirement has been reduced from Dh50,000 to Dh30,000. The candidate must also possess a bachelor’s degree.

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