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MIA Consulting is widely renowned for its skilled tax consultation in Bahrain, we provide our customers with a range of consulting services. To ensure that VAT is taken into account at every stage of the accounting life-cycle, our team is in charge of all company operations and manufacturing. VAT became effective in Bahrain on January 1, 2019. It was carried out in compliance with the VAT Framework agreement that all GCC member countries made in that year. The framework was the primary source used to create the VAT legislation. The vast majority of the VAT framework’s principles are upheld by the legislation, with a few exceptions.

Bahrain’s National Bureau of Revenue is the government organization in charge of managing and enforcing the VAT system. They are in charge of paying out the recoverable amount, collecting past-due payments, and conducting audits. The entity is also in responsible of investigating and resolving VAT-related disagreements. Value added tax is applicable at every point along the supply chain, from the point of manufacturing through the final sale of the goods or services. Businesses recuperate the production tax they paid to their suppliers by paying the NBR the VAT they collected from the final customer.

The provision of goods or services within the area of VAT shall be assessed at a rate of 10%, unless the goods or services are exempt or zero-rated. It is important to understand the difference between zero-rating and exemption because, while VAT is not required to be recorded on the supply in either scenario, a supplier providing exempt supplies is often not allowed to recover input VAT on such supplies. On zero-rated supplies, input VAT costs are often refundable.

As one of the top VAT service providers, MIA Consulting’s service for tax consultation in Bahrain will make sure that the internal audit procedure aids the business or customer in fulfilling its goals, purposes, mission, and vision. Internal auditors are frequently thought of as company workers. In order to meet the demands of our clients, we as an auditing business will work just as hard as if we were their employees.

Highlights of VAT Services Offered

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Services Offered by Our Tax Consultation in Bahrain

VAT Registration
All Bahraini businesses must register for VAT as their first step in the compliance process. Businesses need to understand who has to register for VAT. Bahraini legislation requires some businesses to register for VAT. There is a system in place for voluntary VAT registration at the same time. Additionally, many businesses do not need to register for VAT. You may get assistance with all the requirements for VAT registration from MIA Consulting’s knowledgeable experts for tax consultation in Bahrain, who will handle every stage of the procedure while you unwind.

VAT Deregistration
Corporations will choose one of the two categories before requesting VAT deregistration for a number of different reasons. The two categories are Mandatory and Voluntary. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries about the process for deregistering your business for VAT. We’re happy to assist you with tax consultation in Bahrain thanks to our qualified advisors!

VAT Return Filing
We ensure that companies’ employees are familiar with VAT regulations and know how to submit VAT returns. In order to meet the expectations of the business’s VAT preparation, our team provides essential tools and hardware. Our knowledge clarifies any ambiguities in the VAT regulations and aids in the filing of VAT returns.

VAT Advisory Services
As Bahrain prepares to establish the legal VAT system on January 1, 2019, MIA Consulting is offering professional VAT consultancy services. Businesses might need to stay up to date on VAT news, trends, recent issuances, and laws because VAT will have an impact on the majority of corporate activities, notably pricing models and accounting systems. In order to lower risk and fines and achieve compliance with VAT laws and regulations, this will let our clients immediately adopt the most recent VAT requirements on their operations.

VAT Training
We provide our clients thorough VAT training and make sure they are knowledgeable about all aspects of VAT as one of the top tax consultation in Bahrain. This will help our clients learn a great deal about the VAT topic and how the VAT impacts business operations.

VAT Transaction Advisory
The best service for tax consultation in Bahrain is provided by MIA Consulting, and they will decide how to incorporate VAT into the client’s organizational structure. To ensure compliance by creating tailored pre- and post-VAT policies and practices, thorough research is required.

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Paying taxes might be stressful. Get expert help if you find it to be too difficult to handle on your own. At MIA Consulting, we have extensive expertise and qualified staff for tax consultation in Bahrain, and we can manage all of your daily VAT tasks. Our licensed accountants will handle every aspect of filing your VAT return.

MIA Consulting is an energetic group of Bahraini Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, and Auditors that offer distinctive and cutting-edge contributions to our clients and community. Our clients’ trust and confidence are boosted by our knowledge and top-notch services. The best tax consultation in Bahrain is provided by MIA Consulting. A wide variety of specialized services are offered by us, including auditing, accounting, taxation, consulting, and advice.

Adherence to NBT’s VAT laws and regulations is essential for Bahrain’s registered individuals and businesses. A small to medium-sized business may find it challenging to research each VAT regulation and ensure compliance. At this point, MIA Consulting offers its assistance, support, execution, and resolution on all your issues, which will be based on the requirements and guidelines, after encountering real-world situations that we deal with every day. MIA Consulting is a trustworthy team for tax consultation in Bahrain. We can provide both pre-made and bespoke VAT solutions as Bahrain’s VAT consultants.

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Our service providers for tax consultation in Bahrain are available to answer all your VAT-related queries; please contact us at +91 81216 69473 or via WhatsApp. You may also fill out the enquiry form on our website’s CONTACT US page, and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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