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With their skills and in-depth knowledge of VAT regulations, MIA Consulting personnel can solve any VAT-related concerns. We have UAE VAT experts that offer a variety of UAE VAT services such as VAT registration, VAT training, VAT returns, and Tax Laws and Regulations. Since the implementation of VAT in January 2018, businesses have sought the assistance of specialized specialists. Proper or coordinated VAT implementation has become a must to comply with local VAT regulations, and UAE VAT service has become a must.

Our Dubai VAT solution will help firms appropriately document their expenses and associated VAT taxes. Taxpayers may find it difficult to satisfy tax compliance criteria, but with the support of our professional UAE VAT consultants, we give ongoing guidance to tax payers by implementing proper tax processes and VAT compliance. We examine your company transactions and handle any tax concerns.

VAT registration is required for enterprises with AED 375,000 or more in taxable supplies and imports. Businesses with AED 187,500 to 375,000 in taxable supply and imports are eligible to file a voluntary VAT application. Businesses with taxable supply and imports of less than AED 187,500, on the other hand, are exempt from VAT registration. Businesses may use our efficient UAE VAT service to ensure that the VAT registration process is handled appropriately.

Highlights of Dubai VAT Service / Dubai VAT Consultants

UAE VAT Service / UAE VAT Consultants

Services Offered by Our UAE VAT Consultants

VAT Registration
If an individual or group seeks to start a company within the UAE, they must follow all applicable rules and regulations. Many firms, however, are confused if they must register for VAT when starting a new company. The response is “No” if the company’s yearly revenue is less than AED 187 500. The FTA rejects their application for VAT registration and refuses to provide them a tax identification number. This is only required for new firms that fulfill the VAT eligibility requirements.

VAT Deregistration
VAT deregistration in the UAE refers to the process of removing a VAT-registered company’s Tax Registration Number (TRN) from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The UAE VAT Provisions contain specific legislation related to cases in which a VAT registered individual is required to deregister from VAT, as well as additional measures for Mandatory/Voluntary VAT Deregistration in UAE.

MIA Consulting’s UAE VAT consultants can help you avoid an administrative penalty of AED 10,000/- for failing to follow deregistration procedures and will ensure a smooth process for settling your VAT liabilities in the UAE. As a result, the requirements of the Law are critical in ensuring that enterprises avoid unwarranted penalties. Our UAE VAT service aid with deregistration may be quite beneficial to a company since it ensures that no difficulties arise during or after the liquidation process.

VAT Return Filing
We assist clients in completing the VAT return form 201. We give critical support in reconciling input and output VAT. Our VAT consultants in UAE give precise tax computation as well as information compliance with VAT and other laws.

VAT Advisory Services
We provide effective advising services and appropriate solutions in compliance with industry norms. Our UAE VAT consultants will walk you through the tax implications of numerous types of transactions.

VAT Training
We are one of the leading UAE VAT service provider, providing people and organizations with specialized and customised VAT laws and regulations training. Our tax specialists oversee all VAT operations and make them as simple as possible for our clients.

VAT Transaction Advisory Our VAT transaction advisory services help your company with specialized industry transactions. It’s an excellent option for businesses with complicated transactions, branches, and goods. Our UAE VAT service keeps you on track with the latest VAT laws.

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As a reputable UAE VAT service provider, we provide comprehensive VAT support spanning from consulting to implementation, filing, and registration, among other matters. We ensure minimal company disturbance by providing comprehensive assistance, regardless of how basic or complex your VAT is. As a customer-focused firm, our UAE VAT consultants handle all accounting and compliance issues. This allows business owners to concentrate on core expertise and other types of business development. As one of the leading VAT consultants in Dubai, we provide a smooth VAT procedure from VAT registration to any compliance difficulties. To expedite the procedure, we eliminate risk, calculate profit margins, and manage all other aspects of UAE VAT services.

MIA Consulting provides top UAE VAT consultants for clients in need of experienced VAT support. Our skilled personnel is well-versed in the VAT legislation’s requirements and processes. To automate and illustrate your VAT compliance process, we employ the best solutions available. Join the top VAT consultants in UAE and enjoy convenience while maintaining a high degree of expertise!

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Our skilled UAE VAT consultants are accessible around the clock to answer any of your VAT-related inquiries in UAE; please contact us at +91 81216 69473; we are also available on WhatsApp. Alternatively, please complete the enquiry form on our website’s CONTACT US page, and one of our professionals will contact you as soon as possible.

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