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Bank account is the backbone of any process involving setting up a company. Without a bank account, one cannot commence the operations. Although license is approved without bank account, but nothing can be done in practice without a bank account. Some of the free zones also offer the services in opening a bank account and an investor can always avail these services as opening a bank account is sometimes very challenging given the anti money laundering norms.

One of the critical conditions that bankers evaluate while opening a bank account is the credibility of the business and also the registered office. Any company having an authentic place of business may find it easier to open a bank account as against those not having any place. Therefore free zones sometimes offer in packages both the rental options and the bank account opening so that a potential investor need not suffer in opening a bank account once the license is approved.

MIA has a dedicated team supporting potential investors by providing them information on various available options that will help in taking a cost effective and viable option. MIA provides end to end solutions in company formation. Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries.

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