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Factors for Choosing Business Location in MENA Region

Factors for Choosing Business Location in MENA Region

Establishing a business is thrilling, but takes careful preparation. Doing so in a new region elevates the situation. To be successful, you must evaluate the logistical performance of the nation in issue, as well as its reputation, ease of company formation, ease of doing business, and development potential.

When deciding where to establish a presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area, it is essential to assess the benefits and downsides of the various locations. Here are four points to consider when deciding where to locate your MENA business if you are contemplating this region of the world.

Logistics Effectiveness

The World Bank Logistics Performance Index (LPI) summarises all logistical factors into six categories: customs, infrastructure, shipping ease, tracking and tracing, timeliness, and logistic services. These elements are essential for importing and/or exporting enterprises.

Business Friendliness

Here, we must examine the needed processes, time, cost, and minimum capital to launch a business. Various nations in the MENA area adopt varied tactics to assist new enterprises in achieving this objective.

There are several possibilities, therefore it is essential to place your firm in a top-tier business centre that can provide you with a customized solution. The UAE will always receive top marks for setup simplicity. Look for a hub inside the UAE that provides you with the option of establishing your business on the mainland or in a free zone.

Proven Performance

The MENA nation in which you establish your business will represent your organisation. Set up in an environment that is well regarded for corporate equality and justice, and this permeates the organisation. It also influences how business partners in the MENA area (and beyond) see you.

Space for Expansion

Regardless of the current size of your firm, you definitely have expansion in mind. This necessitates keeping your alternatives open, since the optimal decision, particularly in terms of location and suppliers, may change in the future.

You require a site with flexibility. One that provides excellent access to different markets and allows you to grow your product. For instance, you may be drawn to the simple establishment procedure and absence of taxation provided by several UAE free zones, but you may one day choose to conduct business directly with the mainland.

Finding the appropriate hub that provides you with such flexibility will be crucial to your selection. Therefore, it is essential to consider your present needs and how they could evolve in the future.

Challenge Your Path to Success

When establishing a presence in the MENA area, you must make an informed choice, not a leap of faith. You might increase your chances of success by asking pertinent questions about your business’s requirements and the available sites.

The United Arab Emirates checks all the relevant boxes; thus, it is important to choose the right economic zone and location within it. Whether you are a freelancer, a startup, an SME, or an industrialist, you are prepared to utilize the UAE to expand your business in the region and beyond. Our experts at MIALLP can help you with Business Setup in UAE or other countries in MENA like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

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