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Another important investment objective for any investor is to have a secure exit strategy so that investors can freely divest their invested funds into other investments or receive funds as per their necessities and requirements from time to time.

Exit strategy primarily involves liquidating the investments and receiving the funds back into the bank account. This will help investors to utilise their funds freely as per their necessities. If the amount gets stuck in any investment, it will have a negative impact on funds flow for any investor coupled with severe mental stress.

consulting services on exit strategyAlthough investment in properties is considered to be a lucrative option, same comes with the risk of liquidation. selling off property and liquidating the investment in the short term may pose several challenges and the investor may not get the funds immediately as per their needs. A distress sale may lead to the loss of returns on investment.

A fine balance of investments in liquid funds such as investments in gold, commodities, bonds, etc., and investments in properties or private equities may help achieve investors in achieving greater returns and as well as flexibility in drawing the funds or liquidating their investments as and when they require them.

At MIA, our primary goal is to ensure that the investor gets their funds immediately as and when they require them while at the same time avoiding distress sales.

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