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Repatriation of Funds

One of the key concerns of any investor is to repatriate the funds back to their home country.

The key objective is to achieve the investment objectives and having achieved them bringing the funds back into their local accounts. However, there is no compulsion to bring the funds back once the investment objective is achieved.

An investor can continue to hold funds in any foreign country as per their own requirements and there are no regulatory hiccups specifying the timeline within which the funds shall be repatriated nor the funds has to come back to the home country.

Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 does not stipulate any timeline for bringing the funds back in India. Similarly, there are no regulations in GCC countries that would impose a blockade on repatriating the funds to the home countries.

Investors can repatriate the funds including their returns freely without any hassles. There are no separate forms to be filed before any regulatory authorities seeking permission or taking approval for repatriating the funds. Any investor can freely repatriate the funds from foreign country and bring the funds to the home country as they wish.

MIA support services helps investors in repatriating the funds from the foreign country. The key objective is to provide hassle free experience for investor in repatriating the funds by providing end to end services until he funds are deposited into the designated bank account after repatriation.

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