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Funds Management in the Local Country

One of the key challenges for any investor is to manage the funds in the host country where such investor is investing their precious funds.

An Investor in India can transfer funds from the local savings account to a bank account in Dubai. However, such investor will have to open a company before he / she can open a bank account.

If there are no plans to open a company due to any reason or if an investor is not in a position to open a new bank account in his own name, the funds can also be transferred to the bank account of the investing company or an asset management company.

While the funds remain in the bank account of the investor or the investing company, the investor has the option to transfer the funds freely to any other account as per their individual requirements.

These transfers can be done through online mode or through a representative based in Dubai.

MIA support team provides range of support services to investors in achieving these tasks. These services include coordinating with the bank or the investee company and supporting investors in managing their funds in the local country.

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